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Scholarship Fund Donations

We know that our school has the ability to change lives.

GOAL College is a deliberately low-fee not-for-profit. We don’t receive any financial support from our HSC Teammates, but we also believe that money should never be a barrier to a great education.

Our Kickstart Scholarship Fund is reliant on funding from the school and the goodwill of generous private donors.

Students who are eligible for Kickstart scholarships are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, are from a background where one or both parents have not completed Year 12, or are economically disadvantaged. 

During their time studying at GOAL, students on Kickstart Awards will: 

  • Grow their skills, confidence, knowledge, and – importantly – employability. 
  • Be supported to learn in an environment that gives them the opportunity to create the future they want for themselves.
  • Undertake placements in real work and community environments to help them get out of their comfort zones, make mistakes and develop the skills that really matter.

At GOAL College, we do school differently, and we need your help. We’re not asking much – any amount greater than $2 is tax-deductible and makes a real difference. 

Will you help us change lives?