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School Fundraising

We do everything we can to keep our school fees as low and accessible to families as possible, so every dollar we fundraise counts!

With your help, our school fundraising activities allow us to organise additional experiences for our students outside of the set curriculum. This can include things like excursions, end of term activities and allowing students to participate in optional activities they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Donate Your Bottle & Can Refunds to Us with ReCollect

We’ve partnered with ReCollect to make donating to our school fundraisers easier than ever – and best of all, there is no out-of-pocket cost to you!

Did you know that drink bottles and containers in NSW now attract a 5 or 10 cent refund? Many of these containers are still going straight into yellow kerbside bins, and the deposit refunds are not being claimed.

ReCollect is a fantastic recycling service that collects your drink bottles and cans from your doorstep, collects the deposit refunds and donates the proceeds to the school.

All of the money we fundraise from our Bottle Drive will be put straight back into additional fun activities for our students.

To get involved, you will simply need to save up your recyclable drink bottles and cans at home. You can donate anything that has a 5 or 10 cent deposit (check the label).

Once you’ve got a minimum of 150 containers, simply put them in bags and:

  1. Book a pickup at https://app.re-collect.com.au/goalcollege
  2. Place your bags on your front step for collection
  3. Get a warm and fuzzy feeling

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