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GOAL HSC Courses (Sport - Distance Education)

Can you combine your love of sport and distance education? At GOAL College, you can!

It doesn’t matter where our students are learning from, we’re always providing a better learning experience. At GOAL College, we do distance education differently too.

Our distance education course is an excellent fit for sporting stream students who:

  • require extended periods of time interstate or overseas for personal and/or sporting commitments;
  • live in remote or regional areas of NSW;
  • need to remain close to home for family, health or wellbeing reasons; and
  • have other barriers to attending school on a daily basis.

Proudly Partnering With

The Cool Stuff

Forget everything you know about distance education.

At GOAL College, we aim to make our online distance contact sessions as similar to our on-site classes as possible.

Always Online

There are no nameless, faceless teachers at GOAL College, and we don’t leave you to your own devices. Our online distance sessions are conducted through Google Classroom and Google Meet, allowing teachers to interact with their students in real-time, and – importantly – allowing students to interact with each other! You’ll need to make sure that you have access to a strong and stable internet connection.

Always Connected

Just like our on-site classes, our distance classes are small, so you will get individual support from your dedicated Core Teacher, who is with you from the start of Year 11 to the end of Year 12. Staying connected is important! You’ll also receive your Core Teacher’s email and phone number, so if you have a question, need some extra help, or need to let them know you’re sick, you can get in touch easily.

Always Where You're At

It doesn’t matter whether you are studying online because you’re overseas, you live a long way from town, or because you do better working from home than in a traditional classroom. Your dedicated Core Teacher is with you every step of the way with an integrated academic and sporting course, and we have a school counsellor and well-being specialists who support both our on-site and distance students.

Always Flexible

We bring out the best in our students by focusing on their passion. This doesn’t change for students in our distance education course. Our distance teachers still run group work, teach practical skills, and engage their students with creative online learning challenges.

Our distance online contact sessions range from daily, bi-weekly or weekly depending on your requirements. A minimum of bi-weekly is recommended, but understand this may not be possible in all cases and your sessions can be negotiated with your Core Teacher.

Always Fun

Face-to-face contact days for our Distance Education students will be organised through your Core Teacher. These contact days are a chance to visit Sydney, play some sport, meet your Core Teacher in person, and complete practical sessions as part of the curriculum. They’re also a chance to make some new friends, do some professional networking and hear from guest speakers. Students who live in Greater Sydney are encouraged to travel in for the day, and those further afield are welcome to stay with friends or relatives. If required, boarding can be arranged at external accommodation for an additional fee.

In addition to coaching qualifications, our partnerships with AFL NSW/ACT and the Sydney Swans mean students have opportunities to be involved in a range of AFL programs and events, including:

  • Match day volunteering opportunities with the Sydney Swans
  • Community engagement volunteering opportunities with the Sydney Swans (family days, fan development, state tournaments and other community events)
  • Delivering community and holiday programs on behalf of AFL NSW/ACT
  • Delivering coaching clinics on behalf of AFL NSW/ACT via Auskick, primary schools, multicultural and all abilities activities
  • Coaching and officiating opportunities at schools, competitions and community events
  • Work placement opportunities across a variety of departments at AFL NSW/ACT, including game development, administration, events and fan development

We are proud to partner with AFL NSW/ACT and the Sydney Swans. Our AFL partners make it possible for our students to have unparalleled opportunities to develop and participate in the sports industry while completing their HSC. Their industry-leading programs increase sports participation and engagement across NSW, leading to great outcomes for our students and the wider community.

“I was able to volunteer with AFL NSW/ACT and gain experience at a number of events including the Paul Kelly Cup. What I enjoyed most was working with the AFL NSW/ACT staff, who were extremely welcoming and helpful, making me feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

At the event, I also was given the opportunity to do some talent scouting as part of the AFL NSW/ACT Future Starts program. It gave me a sense of pride seeing the kids’ faces light up when I gave them the invitation and really showed me how rewarding a job like this could be.”



Students studying for their HSC with GOAL by distance undertake a curriculum that is largely the same as what they would study if they were on-site, but there are a few minor differences. These are the subjects that are completed during Years 11 and 12.

Year 11 – 12 Units

English Studies2 units
Business Services2 units
Health and Movement Sciences2 units
Sport, Aquatics and Recreation2 units
Work Studies2 units
Numeracy or Standard Maths2 units

Year 12 – 10 Units

English Studies2 units
Business Services2 units
Health and Movement Sciences2 units
Sport, Aquatics and Recreation2 units
Work Studies2 units
Standard Maths (optional)2 units


Because we integrate our HSC with Vocational Education and Training (VET), when you graduate from GOAL College, you receive more than just your HSC – even by distance. 

You’ll also gain really valuable additional post-secondary qualifications that set you apart from graduates at other schools. This gives you an edge when you’re applying for jobs or to further study after school.

Regardless of the sport you choose to align with, the structure of your HSC will look the same.

Year 11

  • Preliminary HSC
  • Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation (Partial)
  • Certificate III in Business (Partial)
  • Coaching Qualifications
  • First Aid Certificate including CPR

Year 12

  • HSC
  • Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation (Complete)
  • Certificate III in Business (Complete)

Our Expectations

We expect that students in our distance classes will be able to motivate themselves to log on at their designated online session times and complete their classwork as required. Distance students will also need to check emails and Google Classroom daily, and communicate with their teacher regularly.

Download a copy of the GOAL College Prospectus to learn more


Our admissions process is straightforward. 

To apply for a position at the College, you’ll just need to:

The interview is a ‘getting to know you’ session and helps us to make sure that you’ll be a good fit for us and that we’ll be a good fit for you.

Please visit our enrolment page for more information.

Positions at GOAL College are limited, but selection is not based on sporting skill or ability. A passion for sport is what connects students in our Sporting Teammate classes.

We accept applications from:

  • Year 10 students wanting to commence Year 11 with us in the following school year
  • Year 11 students wanting to change schools (until the end of Term 2, Year 11)

Students who have a different or non-traditional schooling history are welcome to contact our Admissions Team to determine their eligibility for enrolment.

Click here to visit our Student Fees page.

Please note that residential blocks incur an additional boarding fee, and arranging travel to and from Sydney is the responsibility of the family. More information is available on request.

Distance students are eligible to apply for tuition fee assistance and bursaries.

We know you have questions and we’re here to help!

If would like to speak to our Admissions Team, please feel free to give us a call or email us at:

Email: info@goalcollege.nsw.edu.au
Phone: (02) 9171 7001