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About GOAL

GOAL College is an independent, co-educational senior secondary school delivering an active HSC, in partnership with our HSC Teammates. We bring out the best in our students by taking a different approach to the final years of high school. By valuing personal growth alongside academic learning, we help our students prepare for life after school.

At GOAL College, we do school differently.

Kate O'Donnell | Principal GOAL College | Independent Senior Secondary School

GOAL College exists to challenge the status quo. We want to provide an education that works for students who want a change from traditional schooling.

I have had a long career in education that has included working across Australia and internationally. I have been a teacher, a Principal, a Director in the NSW Education Department, a leader in assessment methodology in Australia and CEO of an education non-profit in the United States.

My career has been driven by a passion for making change. I have pushed the boundaries by finding ways to help teachers with new technology, and ways to help parents understand what their kids are learning with new reporting methods. I directed an award-winning film series that drove change in education in the United States, and I achieved it all to ensure students are switched on to their learning. 

At GOAL College, it doesn’t matter what your background is. It doesn’t matter whether you have struggled with mainstream learning, if you have had difficulties at school, or if you’ve made mistakes in the past. We will focus on what you are good at, and help you with what you need to improve. 

We recognise that old ways of teaching don’t work for many students. Our students have grown up using smart phones and social media. The world has changed more rapidly in their lifetimes than ever before. We recognise that the skills they need to thrive include working with people, decision making, confidence, and the ability to adapt to change. 

Our curriculum is designed to engage students through their interests, and we work with students from all over NSW, from all kinds of backgrounds, and with a vast diversity of educational experiences behind them. What they have in common is a need for an education setting that recognises them as individuals, strives to understand how they learn, and nurtures their growth.

I know from my years of experience working inside education systems that it’s very difficult to change those systems by upholding the status quo. We are proud of our track record of seven years of challenging the way that ‘things are done’. We are committed to continued growth, opportunity and active learning for our students, our staff and our College community.

At GOAL College, our goal is for every student to graduate ready for life after school. This won’t look the same for every student, but they will all leave us with skills, belief in themselves, and hope for the future.

Kate O’Donnell


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